SWISS (Semantic Web for Interoperable Specs and Standards) extends our parts management technology to manage complex product requirements based on diverse industry, commercial and military specifications and standards.

SWISS benefits the end-users of specs and standards involved in component, manufacturing and quality engineering as well as the Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) who author, publish and maintain these authoritative documents.

SWISS benefits for end-users involved in component, manufacturing and quality engineering:

  • Derivative work uses authoritative sources for standards data
  • Consistency in standards interpretation between different users reduces costly quality problems
  • Getting to the right information faster significantly reduces time-to-knowledge
  • Change management is less time consuming
  • Reduce IP leakage

SWISS benefits for Standards Development Organizations (SDOs):

  • Reduce IP leakage and expand subscriber base
  • Understand the impact of external changes
  • Understand how standards are used

An open standard and platform to create and share fully electronic, interoperable documents as digital models.

The SWISS model enables:

  • Composite documents:  organized collection of references
    • To precise fragments
    • From authoritative sources
    • Change aware
  • Smart-Links to navigate between related concepts
    • Documents as Data
  • Multiple applications to share across an enterprise, its customers and suppliers:
    • Purchase Requirements
    • Manufacturing work instructions
    • Test procedures

How can I learn more?

For additional information about SWISS please contact us or call 631-371-8100.